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8oz Cactus Oil

8oz Cactus Oil

Our CactOil is created from Olive Oil infused with with Fresh Rosemary, Mint, and Cactus. It has a refreshing herbal scent that is sure to leave your scalp nourished, moisturized, and fertilized. Mint is known to improve blood circulation on the scalp which will improve hair growth. Similarly, Rosemary also improves circulation in addition to being useful in preventing premature graying and dandruff.


Cactus is incredibly hydrating and has been used for thousands of years to aid in healing burns, cuts, and other ailments. Combined with Olive Oil, there is nothing this powerful 4-ingredient mixture can't do.


We encourage your use of our CactOil on any part of your body that is needed. If your hair is dry, massage this oil onto your scalp and be amazed at the relief. If your child scrapped their knee on the playground, once you disinfect the wound, you can use our oil to protect their delicate skin.

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