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Pro. Life.

Whenever I say I'm pro life, I often get a mixture of responses. People often go to extreme examples of medical abnormalities or social anomalies that they feel would justify the ending of the life of a new human.

I have always held that babies in the womb are a new life. That was just something that made automatic sense to me. Like the sky being blue, the sun being hot, water being clear. It simply is true.

I will always believe that human life begins when the sperm meets the egg. That's when new life begins it's formation process. We have been given a wonderful opportunity as modern women to have sexual relations with a reduced chance of conceiving a child. We have so many contraceptive options available to us and the instructions are clearly given as well. We are not disciplined, we do not keep that protection. I say this as someone who was off the pill one day and got pregnant that day.


On the one hand: a woman who gets pregnant with her sixth child. The other 5 children are under Adminiatration of Child Seevices' care and she does not believe in terminating her pregnancy - EVEN though the expectation is that someone in her situation should not "bring another life into this world if it cannot be taken care of"

-just because you can't take care of the life, does it take away the value of the life?

On another hand: A woman who gets pregnant as a result of a rape. She has never been pregnant before and has always supported a woman's right to choose what she does with her body. Being that she is carrying a child she did not plan or ask for and was forcefully implanted with - there is a general consensus that her situation is one that is more than understandable if she chooses to end the pregnancy.

-just because the life was conceived in the most undesirable of situations, does it take away the value of the life?

On yet another had: a woman who is 56 years old, has been waiting all her life to bear a child. Medically, if the child is conceived to this woman, it is at a higher risk for disabilities (what doctors used to call mental retardation - a word we use now as a joking term for stupidity). This woman has gone through every possible option to be able to conceive but to no avail. By some miracle, she finds out she is due to give birth on her 57th birthday. All these feelings she buried long ago come up and her heart is filled with love and dread. As she is reminded of her age with a sudden sharp pain to her knee, she sits and contemplates the potential of her new found hope. By the time her child starts school, she'll be over 60 years old. By the time her child is in the middle or high school she'll be over 70 - and with her debilitating health, she fears she wont live to see the child's high school graduation.

- jut because the child could end up having disabilities and the mother could end up dying, leaving the child without someone to care for it - does that take away the value of it's life?

In ALL aspects, in every regard. a Life is a Life is a Life. The guy that raped the woman, the children conceived and then terminated, the women who's bodies this happens in, the murderers, the serial killers, your nasty uncle, the crooked priests etc...

LiFE --- its a complicated thing. We as humans do our best to understand it or figure it out as it happens, but it's LiFE, and the only two things we can ALL agree on is that it ends in death and it is unpredictable.

I'd say we ALL agree it is valuable, but its evident - we don't value it. We want rapists dead. We expect Hitler to be in a burning furnace for all eternity for what he did in his life time. We praise the men who hurt child molesters in prison. And a plethora of other things we think of as justice.

"When your life ends, does your definition of justice go with you or is it "Justice" as it is universally defined?"

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