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Happy 6 Months to Us!

Knotty Hare, LLC turned 6 months on 8/25 🎉 what a privilege it has been to have this company to call my own. Hello there, that girl below is me 😁 My name is Melody Nicole and I am the owner and operator of KnottyHare, LLC, a company that offers Adornments and Crown Adjustments, in more ways than one.

Although KH has been an established entity and a recognized, tax-paying company in the State of New York for 6 months; it REALLY began back in 2019...I had this "feeling" ; "impulse" ; "desire" -whatever you wanna call it, to create something for dry, unruly, 4C hair - such as mine and my son's. And the hair of many frustrated brown folks out there.

I started researching on YouTube - as we millennials like to do 😝- and I found a wealth of knowledge in the myriad of videos and natural hair remedies available to me. Our Cactoil was a recipe I found on YouTube.

The rest of the products I've made, I'm proud to say have been my own creations 🤩, here's a little history:

The Lotionizer was created with the Mirta de Perales Milk Conditioner and the infamous Pink Lotion, in mind. I wanted to create a product that had a creamy liquid consistency because I felt that that would be the best type of texture to avoid product buildup.

I wanted this product to penetrate the hair shaft, and somehow help 4C hair lock that moisture in. This product had to be made with all natural ingredients and it had to be green to go with the business theme. It is certainly a labor of love as this product contains the most ingredients and it is the most complex combination of all our current creations.


The Marshmellow ButterMilk got it's name once it was made. It reminded me of pancake batter and looked like melted marshmallows. As soon as I thought of "Marshmallow" ButterMilk proceeded forth from my mouth with ease and that's now I knew that the name was meant to be.

This is a product that was created with sensitive skin in mind, as such it is fragrance free. It contains Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E Oil, mixed with Kokum and Mango Butters. This product also contains Glycerin and Emulsifying Wax along with a preservative to maintain stability and freshness.


Knotty Hare, LLC will grow and expand with me along our journey. My desire is for Knotty Hare to be a part of natural hair care all around the world.

I want you all to love your knotty hair by using Knotty Hare.

(Please excuse lateness in this's literally about to be the 1 year anniversary in 2 months and I just mustered up the courage to post this)

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