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About Us

My name is Melody Nicole and I am the Knotty Hare, LLC CEO. This brand has been in the works since 2019 when I made my first product called the "Ylang Ylang Serum" it was a hydrating skin care product that worked well on your hair too. I sent a sample of it to a cousin of mine in England and she said "it smells like sex" - at first, I was taken aback because that's not necessarily a good thing. As I did some research on the ingredients, I learned that Ylang Ylang is known for is aphrodisiac qualities.

At that time, I named this business "Jamelodicana - the alien flower" - I even went as far as submitting the registration papers for my business as an LLC. Thankfully, I did not succeed in that process as I forgot to include the check money order in the application. I continued to develop the business idea and really focus on the quality of my products and whom I was hoping would benefit from them.  

My primary concerns with my son's hair...seemed to be the concerns echoed throughout a plethora of conversations regarding hair care. 



Our mission is to provide the Knotty Hare experience with quality services and products that revitalize your relationship with your crown and temple.

The Knotty Hare experience is all about elevation.

From our products and services to our motivation and drive, we are determined to be the change that causes others to grow and inspires folks to be better.

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Our Story

We begin our journey, much like many of your own, with the "creamy crack" era taking over our homes. Yes, our caregivers would become chemists with that toxin filled box and the gloves that came with the instructions. With a heart full of hope and their best efforts and foot put forward to attempt to tame our unruly, kinky curls.

At the tender age of too young to understand, my mother destroyed my scalp with an expired relaxer. I was already used to the burning sensation, but this one was just too unbearable too quickly. My mother, aggravatedly told me to go wash it off, thinking it did not fully set as it is supposed to because the set amount of time had not passed. As I sat in the tub with my head under water, my mother began coming my hair and a good handful came off. So she placed the comb down and vigorously scrubbed my scalp as the water hit it to get all of the relaxer off.


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