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Knotty Hare LLC is a small afro-latina woman owned business based in New York City that provides natural hair products, services and unique accessories.

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We strive to serve our community by providing high quality products that adjust the look, feel and health of your crown. As part of our crown adjustment services, we offer Loc and Natural Hair styling. We also create one-of-a-kind accessories to adorn your temple on any occasion.

Self Care Products

Get to Know Us

Knotty Hare, LLC - we have accessories to adorn your temple for any occasion and crown adjustment products and services to keep your hair looking and feeling its very best. -

 the goal is to elevate your mind which in turn raises your crown.

Doula services

Providing physical, emotional, and informational support to pregnant women in New York City 

Hair Care

Helping you care for your hair from products to services, we have what you need to adjust the look and feel of your crown.


Providing affordable photoshoot session to individuals, groups, families, and small businesses in New York City.


Follow my healing, fitness, and entrepreneurial journey on my blog, podcasts and social media sites. 

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